Adam Millard-Ball

I am an associate professor of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, where my research and teaching focus on transportation and climate change. Trained as an economist, a geographer, and an urban planner, I analyze the environmental consequences of transportation and land-use decisions, and the effectiveness of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I use large-scale geospatial data analysis tools as well as econometric and qualitative methods. I am also the Review Editor of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

Before joining UCLA, I taught in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz, and in the Department of Geography and McGill School of Environment at McGill University. Before entering academia, I was a Principal with transportation planning firm NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates. I hold a PhD in Environment and Resources from Stanford University and an MA in Geography from the University of Edinburgh.

Are streets too wide?

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Global street-network sprawl

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