Adam Millard-Ball

I am a professor of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and affiliated faculty at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. My research and teaching focus on transportation and climate change. Trained as an economist, a geographer, and an urban planner, I analyze the environmental consequences of transportation and land-use decisions, and the effectiveness of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I use large-scale geospatial data analysis tools as well as econometric and qualitative methods. I am also the Review Editor of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

Before joining UCLA, I taught in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz, and in the Department of Geography and McGill School of Environment at McGill University. Before entering academia, I was a Principal with transportation planning firm Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates. I hold a PhD in Environment and Resources from Stanford University and an MA in Geography from the University of Edinburgh.

What’s new?

Fall 2023: I’m on sabbatical at the Yale School of the Environment, teaching a course on transportation and climate change

Urban Data Science. All the materials – lectures, exercises, quizzes, and more – from my UCLA course are online

Should cities use cooler pavements? Transfers, January 2023. See also the related journal article

Urban form and its impacts on air pollution and access to green space. PLoS ONE, January 2023

Electric driving is the future. Now is the time to price it. Planetizen, August 2022

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Global street-network sprawl

Diversity on course syllabi

Autonomous vehicles


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