Data and Code

Please make use of any of the following datasets and code repositories, with attribution / citation. Please contact me with any questions or bug reports.

Code repositories

pgMapMatch: map-matching of GPS traces to the street network
Paper     Code

streetwidths: calculate the width and value of residential streets.
Paper     Code

urbandatascience: my Urban Data Science course at UCLA.
Course website     Code

syllabus_diversity: estimate the gender and racial diversity of authors assigned on course syllabi.
Paper     Code

global-sprawl-2020: calculate street-network sprawl based on global road data.
Paper     Code

cruisedetector: estimate the prevalence of cruising for parking.
Paper     Code

Data sets

The width and value of residential streets.
Data for select US counties.

Street-network sprawl.
Data for all countries and select cities.

Please contact me if you are interested in the underlying data for any of my other papers.